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Listers Crisps Quickfire Questions

We love finding the best regional snacks from all over Britain and these 'crunchtastic' crisps definitely fit the bill. So we wanted to find out a bit more about them.

Company name: Listers Crisps Founded: 2019 Your First Name: Laura Role: Business Manager

Quickfire 5

What made you want to start/be involved in a food business: We are family farmers by trade and we have been producing our own potatoes for three generations, we were looking for a way to diversify the farm and the idea of producing our own crisps is one we've thought about for a long time, so in late 2018 early 2019 we took the plunge and finally launched our own brand. What do you want people to think when they taste your food: We'd want them to love the flavours and the taste, and enjoy the fact that they were produced and grown on a family farm which is proud of it's Yorkshire roots. What was the hardest part of creating your product: Eating far too many crisps trying to perfect the recipes prior to our launch, all while trying to make sure I fit into my wedding dress for our wedding in December 2018.

Too many Crisps !!!!!!, Congratulations !

One word to describe the product: Yorkshire! What's been your proudest product moment: Developing new flavours we spent a long time perfecting the newest flavour addition our Steak, Ale and Caramelised Onion and the feedback we've had on them has been amazing they're already proving to be one of our best sellers

The flavour is fabulous, get our Crisp and Crunch Box to give them a try

A huge thanks to Laura for taking part, now go try some cracking crisps.

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