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Love Popcorn Quickfire Questions

Brilliant British snack brands is our thing and we love to find out more about those who have the inspiration, vision and resilience to create them.

This time its Love popcorn a mouth-watering popcorn brand from the North East

Company name: Sweet & Savoury Northeast Ltd

Founded: Matthew Graham

Your First Name: Matthew

Role: Director

What made you want to start/be involved in a food business:

I saw there was a gap in the market for quality popcorn in many unusual flavours, so I wanted to work on expanding this and producing some of the best popcorn.

definitely many fabulous flavours

What do you want people to think when they taste your food:


What was the hardest part of creating your product:

Sourcing the ingredients.

One word to describe the product:


We'd definitely agree, De-lish-oooous. Perfect for all our snack supporters

What’s been your proudest product moment:

seeing my product on the shelf in big supermarkets and stores across the uk. And being able to sponsor myself in my racing career, As seen in the picture I have attached.

What a way to drive your business forward, many future successes with you at the wheel, I never tyre of great popcorn. Fuels my desire to eat popcorn more and more, Braking boundaries, accelerating popcorn to the next level. Warning the photo is a bit racy...... Thank you very much

& thanks to Matthew, we wish you every success and love working with your brand!

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