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Yummycomb Quickfire Questions

We know and have tasted how moreish and magnificent Yummycomb, honeycomb is, so we wanted to find out some more about this brilliant Yorkshire chocolate maker.

Name: Steve Brannen

Title: The Busy one

What made you want to start a food business?

Who doesn't want to start a chocolate business? Having the commitment to go through with it is another thing. We have a family history in confectionery sales so had some knowledge of traditional confectionery but its been a fast learning curve. What do you want people to think when they taste your food

WOW - Yummy "of course"! However although taste is vital its only one part of the whole experience, when we develop our products we also put much focus on smell and texture, its about the whole indulgent experience from picking up a packet to eating and wanting more.

mmmmmmmm.......yummy yummy yummy, yes definitely want more & more & more

What was the hardest part of creating your product

We had a very clear idea of what we wanted in terms of brand and consumer experience however being a new start up, financially it was tough. Every penny we spent on development had to be worth while and development comes well before any sales. It makes you envious of the big corporations and the resources available for their new product development.

Shout out to all the small businesses that make British snack food brilliant ❤, we feel you & know how hard it is to create the brilliant products you do.

One word to describe the product

Yummy "of course" Whats been your proudest product moment

The first arrival of the completed packaging. Seeing the actual finished brainwave in real life in front of our very eyes was emotional!

All I can see is honeycomb & its wonderful

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