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Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice Fab Five

Introducing the fabulous Yorkshire Wolds apple juice co. Taking local apple juice to a whole new level with authentic locally inspired flavours, incredibly passionate team and superb products. Making the most of Yorkshires brilliant apples.

We asked the big five questions to help you get to know Yorkshire Wolds apple juice co

What gave you the idea or what inspired you?

Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice Co has been established since 2008, but we took over the business

in 2018. Since then we have expanded the product range from 1 juice to

14, driven by our passion for Locally Produced high quality drinks

making use of fantastic seasonally available Yorkshire and English fruits.

What's the most fun part about running your business?

Seeing all the delicious different varieties of apple come rolling in in the Autumn

and turning them into fantastic Award Winning juices.

What do you want people to think or feel when they try your product?

We want everyone to love our juices, we put time and passion into producing every one so you can taste the best apple juices. We see people every year who say they don't like apple juice, we encourage them to try ours and 9 times out of 10 they answer with "Thats nothing like the apple juices I have tasted before, that's really nice!" So, please, sample the best.

What's your favourite flavour? Apple & Raspberry Juice - the brilliant apple flavour is complemented so well with the slightly sharper Raspberry's grown in Thirsk.

What different food or drink is your favourite?

You cannot beat a great Pizza in my book!

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