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Working from home

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Love it and embrace it… working from home is here to stay!

One of the key things behind successful and enjoyable working from home is scheduling regular breaks and what do you need for your regular breaks? …. snacks and drinks.

Which are the best working from home snacks?

Lets start with crisps. Yes, the humble potato crisp, that most basic of pleasures. Sometimes slightly oily, so may be worth having a napkin on hand to keep your keyboard clean. No sweet chilli crisps if your job involves talking as that mouth burn can impede the chat. Short of time… the quick crunch and satisfaction is perfect for speed.

Now where do you stand on biscuits. Great for a quick nibble in between filling out spreadsheets. Chocolate or not spontaneity is the spice of life. A bowl on hand can be key to keeping you going.

Popcorn is far too sticky for break time, so save it for a night time treat.

Salted Nuts are great but again can be a little messy… so either keep that napkin on hand or save them for later. Flapjack as its one of my personal favourites. As a morning snack this will keep you full until lunchtime. Not too heavy, but substantial enough to keep you fuelled for a long meeting or two.

There are some other things that are really important about working from home:

1: The space…. make sure you set yourself a proper work station so you can differentiate your work from your home life.

2: Hours…. Set what hours you want to do each day and try not to exceed them, it’s too easy to just keep going and going

3: Social…Ring your work mates for a quick chat, not just for work

4: Colleagues…Pets are perfect, although try keep them away from your zoom meeting

5: End it….Work's work, once it’s done its done.

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