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Top 5 Complimentary snacking ideas

Snacks on there own are top drawer, but good things come in pairs so here we explore the top 5 snacking partners that can give you that full flavour sensation.

Crisps & Houmous

First up we know the best thing about crisps is that there crispy and there often curved shape and rigidity make them great with a houmous. Obviously the type of humous should vary depending on what flavour crisp you decide to go for. So here's our recommendations:

Sea salt crisps- caramelised onion Houmous

Cheese & Onion Crisps- Beetroot Houmous

Prawn Cocktail Crisps- Sweet Chilli Houmous

Creamy texture & extra thickness help when scooping which makes them the perfect combo.

Shortbread & Curd

Now this one may sound slightly odd but I promise you its a total revelation, there's so many flavours, thick and fruity or silky and sweet that you can let your imagination run away with you. simply pour or spread the curd on top of your shortbread for every mouthful combining the beautiful crumble of the shortbread with interesting and tongue tingling flavours. There's a brilliant variety of local curds at farmers markets so you can support local even further.

Lemon curd is my personal favourite although there are some other exciting flavours like Raspberry or Toffee apple

Ginger Biscuits & Ice cream

Ginger biscuits have a notoriously great snap which makes them a very good Ice cream pairing. You can crush them up and sprinkle or use like a wafer and scoop the ice cream up with them. Revolutionary.

Melted Chocolate & Fruit

Now we've all heard of a strawberry and Chocolate fountain however there are some other brilliant chocolate & fruit combo's

Raspberry and White chocolate gives you a good combo of Sharp and sweet.

Caramel chocolate with nuts & bananas reminds you of being a child or days spent in the garden and is a top treat to brighten up your day.

Avocado on crackers

A variation on the avocado's on toast this is a surprisingly wonderful snack pairing. Avocado is a great alternative to cheese on top of crackers and has a slightly more creamy texture, add salt & pepper for extra taste.

Go give these a try and let us know what you think.

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