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Protein Powered

The key building blocks of of our muscle mass and vital for anyone looking to sculpt themselves in the gym, protein is a key part of our diet and snacks have become a key source of protein over the last decade evolving to be focused specifically on delivering the best protein hit.

Protein also makes you feel full for longer and build lean muscle mass meaning its a key part of your diet. It supports strong bones as well so its easy to see why snack manufacturers are developing more and more protein focused products.

Protein Bars

A Protein bar is really convenient and can sometimes be used as a meal replacement particularly breakfast where in the modern world people don't often have time to sit and eat a traditional breakfast. Traditional protein bars started off with very simple treat flavours like chocolate or vanilla. Firstly they have evolved to include flavours associated with other treat products like cookies and cream for example. More recently there's been even more of a trend of wacky flavours.

Looking at the best protein bars of 2024 we have seen lots of nut related flavours with lots ben n Jerrys ice cream esc names.

Almonds protein

Rise Protein bars focus on simplicity. Founded with the sole question 'why should nutrition be complicated'.

My personal favourite flavour Honey cinnamon or (Snickerdoodle) is definitely worth a try and the whole brand is focused around the association between the snack and your wellbeing a simple but quite lovely approach.

Protein snack

Our very own honest bean co are a protein high performer (& delicious) but there are now a large amount of protein powered snack brands.

Trail mix is a really popular protein snack made out of a nut , seed & fruit combination and you can make this at home, my personal favourite with dried bananas and its a delicious way to snack.

Protein Yoghurts

The breakfast space has become really interesting in terms of protein added products, with more and more brands and manufacturers moving into this space.

Yoghurt has that delicious creaminess and thickness plus a really great flavour carrier, you almost don't know your getting loads of protein, particularly when it comes to Greek.

Yoghurt protein

After consuming all this protein i'd recommend get out and get some hearty exercise, its great for your wellbeing and then tomorrow you can snack some more.

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