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Wonderful world of Shortbread

Shortbread unsurprisingly has heritage from Scotland originally mentioned in the 12 century and probably contributed to by exchange with French pastry chefs.

The word Short is applied to biscuits when they are crumbly and the Bread term is believed to of come from the biscuits originally being made from leftover bread dough.

Interestingly they were popularised by and a absolute favourite of Mary queen of Scots, who was queen of Scotland in the mid 1500's.

Today Shortbread is traditionally made from Sugar, butter & Flower, it can come in many different shapes many which are synonymous with the biscuit. One particular design called 'Petticoat tails' is the triangular shaped shortbread cut from a large circle that we often see on todays supermarket shelves at Christmas. Also the classic shortbread finger a thick oblong block of buttery goodness with signature indents.

Some interesting facts around shortbread. Round ones are strongly associated with Scottish new year 'Hogmanay'. They were an alternative to pagan Yule cakes meant to symbolize the sun and are traditionally offered to all guests entering the home on new years day representing new beginnings.

A bit out there, but in Shetland it is said that shortbread was broken over the head of a new bride on entering her new home, so get ready for a crumbly shower.

National shortbread day is the 6th of January, quick mark the calendar!!!!!

Trawling the internet for Shortbread snippets, its said to be excellent with Early grey tea, essential for dipping.

The beauty of shortbread is it is very adaptable and can take on a lot of different flavours but still keep its buttery crumbliness for a great example see Sawley Kitchen in our shop!!!! (unapologetic plug alert).

Some fabulous flavours we found:

Espresso Chocolate, Pinwheel shortbread (looked sensational), Banana caramel (mmmmmmmmm),

White chocolate and raspberry (Classic), Bubblegum (Blue shortbread, not sure)

So whenever your short of a snack, turn to shortbread!

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