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Where do Brownies come from?

Brownies as we know them today are a staple of every coffee shop & cafe up and down the country, due to their wide appeal, great taste and familiarity. As well as being relatively easy to make. Pair with that the creativity that can be used as everyone brownie recipe is slightly different.

Brownies quite surprisingly are not classed as a cake mainly because they are usually not eaten with cutlery and are closer to a cookie as you simply pick them up and bite.

The Brownie as we know it today first appears in a Boston cook book from the late 19th century. There was some thought that the invention of the brownie was an accident in that it was a failed chocolate cake without baking powder, which the baker did not want to waste.

Brownies now often come as a full-on end of meal dessert with cream or ice cream. They are so easy to make your own, simply by adding your own favourite chocolate bar or flavour which again can evolve the texture and experience to a whole new level.

Personally, I love some added crunch with smarties or a crunchie bar.

The Brownies true versatility is what makes it special. It can be as big as you want to wow and indulge its eater for as long as they want, or it can be a tiny bite on the top of a Sunday that just gives you that satisfying goo.

Here's some potential crazy brownie ideas.

-Chocolate orange with mini eggs

-Honeycomb heart brownies

-Lemon sherbet Brown/ Blondie

-Jelly baby topped Brownies

-Blondie/ Brownie 1/2 & 1/2

-White Chocolate and raspberry

Time to go eat your Brownie or Blondie

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