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What makes Crisps

Crisps are a key part of Britain one of the favourite & most popular snacks. The word believed to derive from the old English meaning curled or wavy.

The Smiths company in London around 1920, spiced up the market by adding seasoning to there crisps and so started a dynasty of wonderful snacks.

Today the UK Crisp market is full of exciting brands, flavour variations and innovation.

Walkers & Mccoy's two of the the national market leaders & northern big brands like Seabrook's give differentiation with a thin crinkly finish.

But what we are all about is those local heroes, crisps made with passion, heart and soul, driven by a family, an individual or a group supporting the local community.

The first of these is Kent crisps founded in 2011 & still independently owned there fabulous flavours are award winning. The Oyster and vinegar flavour being my personal favourite. The crisp packs are fronted by glorious Kent landmarks and these beautiful crisps champion everything that's brilliant about Kent.

Next I wanted to shout out Two Farmers crisps. All the processes to make the Crisps are completed local to wear the potatoes are grown minimising production food miles, known for championing fabulous Herefordshire produce but also for there sustainable approach, there pack is 100% compostable. Some fabulous flavours to try. Sausage and mustard a personal favourite.

Pipers crisps are a farmer owned crisp maker based in lincolnshire. Each of there flavours is seasoned using specially selected ingredients from flavour partners. Longhorn beef flavour being my personal favourite.

Now onto our 2 Crisps from Yorkshire brands which you can find in our store and boxes.

Yorkshire crisps are produced just outside Sheffield using potatoes harvested from the picturesque Yorkshire Wolds to the north. The packs show Yorkshire life from days gone by but the flavours speak for themselves. The classic Cheddar and Caramelised onion is our most shopped flavour and I can see why.

Finally Listers Crisps are a family owned crisp maker based in East Yorkshire. Third & fourth generation farmers make the crisps with potatoes from their own farm. Sweet chilli is my personal favourite.

The diversity and passion within crisp making is immense and exploring this, is a wonderful thing to be able to do. Now go on have a pack

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