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Veganuary for everyone

Vegan snacks are for everyone not just vegans, vegetarians or those trying to reduce meat & animal products in there diet.

There is some fabulous innovation in this space. Manufacturers are using brilliant alternative ingredients to give you the brilliant flavour you expect. Peas have found a whole new market and meaning being turned into crunchy snacks with excellent flavour.

Producers are considering ingredients which previously may have been overlooked and can bring added health benefits to your diet. Peas in snacks have the benefit of vitamins e & c. Chickpeas another great alternative ingredient have bags of protein making them an excellent alternative to meat.

It's also inspiring a whole new generation of snack entrepreneurs to enter the market with unique snacking credentials focused around veganism. The branding focuses on health, societal & environmental benefits as well as super ingredients. Many have a back to nature edgy brand message and style, really challenging the status quo which can only be good for the snacking world.

Its a really interesting space and similarly to how electric vehicles have driven innovation in the motor industry, vegan snacking has encouraged research and development across the snacking sector.

I for one, am excited about great new & improved products coming to market and that can only be a good thing for snackers everywhere.

We are always looking for cool new brands so if you are a brand owner, a vegan snack expert or a supersnacker, 'period'. please get in touch.

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