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Chocolate has been around for a long time and this sweet treats popularity continues to grow. That hmm I just fancy some chocolate feeling has been part of life for generations but why is it really so good.

Like everything its important to eat it in moderation but Cocoa one of the key ingredients of chocolate has been linked to several health benefits and the higher the cocoa content the better so Dark chocolate is the real winner here.

Firstly Cognitive function, a study at Harvard medical school actually linked the drinking of Hot chocolate to Brain Health and reduced levels of memory decline in older people, Who knew!

Its also been linked to increased oxygen availability whilst exercising a little bit of dark chocolate before the gym might actually be beneficial.

Part of the reason we love chocolate is that it releases several psychoactive chemicals that our brains love. The texture of chocolate also has its part to play because when it touches our tongue the textural change stimulate receptors on our tongue which signals pleasure to the brain.

Beyond the Science after we try chocolate at a young age and we enjoy it we associate it with positive memories and therefore when we want to feel positive or reduce negative feeling we buy and eat chocolate. Its often thought of as a gift or treat as well which again makes us feel happy because of who may have bought us chocolate or the love it represents.

When Making decisions on which Chocolate There are some great things to look for the first being Fairtrade. Cocoa beans are normally harvested in developing countries and therefore its important that the people who make your chocolate treat possible, are paid fairly. There are also other initiatives linked to working conditions etc that its important to take into account. So you can eat your Chocolate bar knowing you have done the right thing.

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