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Cheese snacking

Cheese is just one of the best things ever right, on toast, in scones and one if the key ingredients to savoury snacking but what do the different cheeses bring to the table when it comes to taste.


Originates from the town of cheddar in somerset. Its the MVP of cheeses making up over 50% of cheese consumption in the UK. When it comes to snacking its recognisable taste and lack of strong smell makes it a favourite for all the ages. From the cheddar of the mini kind to that baked into a straw its always a safe bet.

Yorkshire Blue

Yorkshire Blue is a cheese produced in North Yorkshire from cows milk and its smell is strong but the taste is really mild and creamy and its perfect for using in baking so savoury biscuits are where this beast comes alive.


Wensleydale is made from a mixture of sheeps and cows milk and has a really crumbly texture. Its often mixed with fruit and great on a cheese board to have with a savoury biscuit or fruit loaf. Wensledales slight sweet notes make it great for a snack accompaniment.


Emmental is a swiss hard cheese it tastes great with wine so any nibbles to be had on an evening can be improved with the emmental fruity flavour.

Red Leicester

A Moister version of Cheddar this is a real cheese powerhouse as well. Has a tangy undertone that really yells cheese in your face when you bite into the snack.

Cheese can be mixed to play with the flavours and its a real winner for snackers everywhere what's your favourite cheese snack?

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