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Welcome Sawley Kitchen

I actually came across this fantastic business years ago at a farmers market in Yorkshire, the people were incredibly friendly and their shortbread tasted fantastic.

Years later its great to see them still going strong and allowing our fantastic customers to try the unreal shortbread.

The name is interesting it comes from a fascinating story about how the business was founded. The idea for the biscuit bakehouse was sprouted whilst in the kitchen of the Sawley arms pub.

When I first tried the biscuit what I really noticed was the melt in the mouth texture, The butteriness of the biscuit with just enough crumble to easily eat but not need to have a plate under my chin to eat it.

I loved the little tag on the Shortbread giving that real homemade feel and finally the experimental yet familiar flavours such as Cherry Bakewell & Apple Crumble.

Bring the local market straight to your door.

If your looking for a great snack to gift these are perfect.

Welcome Sawley Kitchen

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