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Start of a snack community

Snacking is about making you feel great. We started WFHnibbles as a way to deliver great snacks straight to your door. We have combined experience of over 40 years in the food industry working in Retail, Hospitality and Manufacturing so know a thing or 2 about great food.

We really wanted to work with great British brands as we know first hand the level of passion, hard work and dedication that goes into producing a great snack food. We have focused on regional producers who are doing brilliant things. Making them more accessible to the masses.

We want to create a snacking community where people can try new snacks, see what's happening in the snack space and be surprised and delighted once in a while by trying new things.

Its important to us that everyone can get the snack they want and that producers and manufacturers can really sing about their products 'no actual singing don't worry'.

Everyone's welcome whatever your snacking preference whether you prefer a crisp or a cookie, protein bar or peanut, Healthy or .... Hangry? see what snacks you can discover.

Producers and Snackers alike will be sharing their stories on our blog.

Hope you enjoy

The nibbles team

No WFH doesn't stand for

Wilfred, Frank & Henrietta but nice try!

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