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My Fava-rite

Well this little beauty is a perfect healthier alternative. Perfect to snack on at movie night or take with you to work.

Sometimes know as broad beans as they are very similar just slightly smaller, they are actually one of the oldest crops eaten by humans dating back to 6000BC. They were a popular snack for Ancient Greeks, Romans and parts of Asia so there snacking credentials go back millennia.

In the UK Fava beans at one time were a really popular snack however in the last century had fallen out of favour until now.

They are incredibly nutritious high in Protein, iron & fibre. The move towards healthier snacking and increased focus on diet means its the perfect time for the Fava bean and Exceptional producers like The honest bean co are really changing the Fava game for the better.

Fava beans have become somewhat of a modern superfood as there texture, crunch when roasted and ability to take on flavour makes them a perfect nutritional treat.

They have several vitamins inside vitamin A, B-6, C, E & K & also the added benefit of being a great part of a plant-based diet which increases the sustainability & environmental credentials of eating them.

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